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October 7, 2010


My last post was about my long term partner in inter-faith weddings, Rabbi Joseph Gelberman. He infused his seminary students with enthusiasm and love of life, so evident in their own words, which they placed in a newspaper obit notice:

"Our beloved rebbe - a modern day prophet; gatherer of differences,pioneer of peace, physician of the soul. A message of love from your students: You showed us how to see each other through the eyes of the heart, as brothers and sisters connected in divine, loving unity. How to live life to the fullest; how to face resistence with love; how to always be giving of spirit; how to accept all living beings as part of G-d; how to study scripture and interpret it on our own; how to break down walls of hate; how to build foundations of love; how to always be on a journey inward; how to respect all beliefs and celebrate the miracle of life in concert with them; how to be resilient in the face of despair; how to sing and dance at every chance; how to be forgiving; how to wake up each morning, grateful for life, and, above all else, how to be joyful, always joyful. Yes. rabbi, we are ready for life, ready to do the good and beautiful. Our brother, you have brought us all together and have shown us these wondrous paths."

Rabbi Joseph Gelberman, died September 9, 2010 at the age of 98.


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