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March 12, 2008


The city is absorbed in the Greek tragedy-like flameout of the political and personal life of New York's Governor Eliot Spitzer. The pain of his lovely wife, Silda, and their three youthful daughters is widely felt. The reckless behavior of the governor in his publicized use of expensive prostitutes and in money transactions that may be criminal has stunned political and other observers. His resignation is momentarily expected.

The tabloids, talk shows, and even the more staid New York Times have overwhelmed the public with salacious and possibly criminal details. I would like to comment on some details that have not attracted significant attention. These are contained in the 47 page application by an FBI agent to a federal justice for a warrant to arrest the principals in the Emperors' Club prostitution ring. Reading the entire application on the internet provides a picture of the meticulous work of the FBI agent in wire-tapping and physical surveillence and of the intercepted phone calls between Mark Brener, the alleged chief of the prostitution ring, Temera Lewis, the ring's booker, and Kristen, the call girl for Client 9, who has been indicated as Governor Spitzer. The surveillence report covers conversations of Ms. Lewis, dispatching the girls to clients 1 through 9, with Mr. Brener and Kristen, and with the young woman sent from New York to Washington, DC for client 9.

Talk between Brener and Lewis show some of the poignent, sad details involved in the business. They comment on how their young women were rated by their Johns and the reactions of the women to their clients, as, for example, "difficult", "wanting unsafe sex" and "dates of a John with two girls". One girl complains that her client didn't even take her to dinner. Lewis reports on a girl, who was "nervous, as this was her first time at something like this". Brener observes to Lewis that he was worried about one girl, as "I suspect she is on drugs" and about others that "some seem to deteriorate more quickly". The girls report regularly to Lewis on their arrival at the place of assignation and when they leave. The control and malevolent evil of these marketers of young women stands out starkly and dramatically. Brener and Lewis are now in custody!

Punishment seems built into the actions of Governor Spitzer by, at least, his anticipated loss of office and possible criminal charges. Punishment for the young women seems built into the very fabric of the life style they have embraced or into with they have been lured. Oremus pro invicem!